Sheers are...

Sheers are an established Engineering company based in Darlington in the UK. We have been delivering engineered products and associated services to customers across the UK for over 25 years.

We are a process engineering, design, fabrication and construction company who have the capabilty to deliver project management, design, manufacturing, installation, maintenance, testing and commissioning services to water utilities and industrial clients.  

We have a reputation for managing and delivering  professional products and services across a range of industries and will supply services ranging from emergncy maintenance to a fully engineered turnkey project.

We pride ourselves in establishing lasting relationships with our clients which accounts for the continuation of the long term framework contracts which form the backbone of our business. 

We are experienced in undertaking projects under CDM regulations and frequently take Design and Principal Contractor responsibilities.

Our goal is to deliver functional and cost effective projects, that meet the customers requirements, safely, on time and on budget.


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